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Legal Notice

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the page Instituto Estatal de formación sobre Daño Cerebral (from this point forward, the Page), ownership of Global learning provider (from this point forward, HEDIMA) with address for this purpose in Avenida del Ensanche de Vallecas 44, 2nd floor 28051, Madrid, it is registered in the business register of Madrid in the volume 30,128, Book 0, Page 198, Sheet M-542304, Registration 5, Limited Liability Company, CIF B86503158.

For the use of the page, the express acceptance of the User of each and every one of the clauses indicated in this Legal Notice is required, as well as each of the specific warnings or clauses that are established for the contracting of certain products, services or uses of the page zones.

In case of not accepting the clauses established in this Legal Notice, the user must refrain from accessing and using the services and contents made available on the page proceeding to leave it.


The user accepts not to use the page to carry out activities contrary to the laws of morality or public order and, in general, make a use in accordance with the conditions established in this Legal Notice. In the same way, it is compulsory not to carry out advertising or commercial exploitation activities by sending messages using a false identity.

HEDIMA acts exclusively as responsible for the page in its capacity as provider of an information service on its own services not being responsible for the contents that, contrary to these general conditions, users could send or publish, being the user the only one responsible for the veracity and lawfulness of this information.

HEDIMA may interrupt the service of the page that is being used by the user and immediately resolve the relationship with the user if it detects any contrary use of the page or of any of the services that are offered contrary to what is expressed in this Legal Notice.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The whole of this page: text, images, brands, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, colour combinations as well as the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of its contents, are protected by the laws on intellectual and industrial property being prohibited its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation except for personal and private use.

HEDIMA does not guarantee that the contents are accurate or error-free or that the free use of them does not infringe the rights of third parties. The correct or incorrect use of this page and its contents is under the responsibility of the user.

It is also forbidden the reproduction, retransmission, copy, total or partial retransmission of the information contained in the page whatever its purpose and the means used for it without prior authorization of HEDIMA.


When connecting to the Internet it is convenient that, in addition to protect the basic aspects of computer protection, the following precautionary measures have been taken into account:

  1. To use updated versions of browsers.

  2. Visit trusty web pages.

  3. Not to accept the automatically download of programs if you don't know the sources that originate your download.

  4. If it is used in public computers or shared with third parties, confirm that the automatic password reminder option is not activated.

a) Protection of passwords

The passwords provided are absolutely confidential, so it will be the responsibility of the user to make good use of them, observing a duty of care in their custody and use.

In this sense, passwords should not be written on papers or in computer documents.

It is possible to change the password periodically. In this case, it is recommended that the chosen password is a hard deductible password avoiding that they coincide for example with your birthday date, phone number, etc.

For security reasons, access to HEDIMA services may be forbidden if the password is introduced incorrectly a successive number of times. In order to unlock your password, write an email to

b) Protection against a virus

Viruses are programs that are installed in their Internet access terminal usually in a hidden way with the purpose of damaging the user's terminal such as: destroying files, spreading to other terminals or causing a malfunction of the computer. To avoid possible virus is convenient to take into account the following considerations:

  1. To have an antivirus software, so you should check the program manufacturer's instructions to keep the automatic update active.

  2. To scan with the antivirus the documents received by electronic means or that come from external media such as portable devices.

  3. To install programs that come from secure sources that do not infringe rights of intellectual property.

  4. It is convenient to install an antispy system to avoid spyware, more known for its term in English spyware. It is also recommended to configure a spam filter system to limit the reception of spam emails.

  5. In case of receiving unsolicited emails it is advisable to confirm the delivery with the sender or delete the message directly. It should never be opened, even if it comes from a known sender.

  6. Do not participate in series of emails or send emails indiscriminately.

  7. Do not directly execute the attached files, it is much safer to extract them previously to a directory of the computer terminal and analyze them with an antivirus.

Having an antivirus program does not ensure the total protection for the user's computer due, mainly, to two reasons: that it is so new that it is detected by the virus library of the program or that, there is a "false positive", that is, that a program has in its programming code sequences that are considered a virus.


HEDIMA makes use of the cookie technology while browsing the site. However, it informs users of the possibility of disposing of this use in their terminal computer, so please consult the browser settings in the terminal of the user. In this case, the page may not show all its functionalities. Please, consult the Cookies Policy where the specific uses and purposes of the cookies used by HEDIMA are indicated.


The site may include links or links to third party sites. The pages which belong to third parties have not been reviewed or are subject to controls by HEDIMA. In any case, it cannot be held responsible for the contents of these websites or the measures taken regarding your privacy or the processing of your personal data.

HEDIMA recommends the careful reading of the conditions of use and the privacy policy of these sites.

If you are interested in activating a link to any of the HEDIMA pages you must communicate it, obtaining the express consent to create the link. HEDIMA reserves the right of opposition to the activation of links to your website.

Prior authorization will not be necessary when the link only allows access to the homepage, but you will not be able to reproduce in any way. Any other form of link will require express authorization by HEDIMA.

"Frames" will not be created with web pages or on HEDIMA web pages.

No false, inaccurate or offensive statements or indications will be made about HEDIMA, its managers, its employees or collaborators, or of the people who are related in the Page for any reason, or the users of the page, or the contents supplied.

It will not be declared or implied that HEDIMA has authorized the link or has supervised or assumed in any way the contents offered or made available of the web page where the link is established.

The web page on which the link is established may only contain what is strictly necessary to identify the destination of the link.

The web page on which the link is established will not contain illicit information or content, contrary to morality and good customs generally accepted and public order, as well as not contain content contrary to any rights of third parties.


HEDIMA reminds users of legal age, who are in charge of minors, that it will be their responsibility to determine which services and / or contents are not appropriate for the age of these minors.

HEDIMA informs you that there are computer programs that allow you to filter and block access to certain content and services, so that parents or guardians, for example, can decide what are the contents and Internet services to which minors can have access and which not.


HEDIMA will not be directly or subsidiarily responsible for the following:

  1. The quality of the service, the speed of access, the correct operation and the availability and continuity of the page.

  2. Damages that may be caused to the user's equipment due to the use of the Page.

  3. The cases in which a third party, breaking the established security measures, accesses the messages or uses them for the transmission of computer viruses.

  4. The vices and defects of all kinds of content transmitted, delivered, stored or made available.

  5. The legality, reliability and utility of the contents that users transmit with the use of the page or the services offered, as well as its veracity or accuracy. HEDIMA does not control the use that users make of the Page, nor does it guarantee that they do so in accordance with the provisions of this Legal Notice.

  6. HEDIMA excludes all responsibility for the decisions that the User can make based on the information not provided directly to the user, as well as for the possible typographical errors that the documents and graphics of the Page may contain. The information is subject to possible periodic changes without prior notice of its content by extension, improvement, correction or updating of the contents.

As an example and with a non-limiting nature, the user will be responsible for the following:

  1. Of the contents introduced by them, especially of the data and information introduced and sent to HEDIMA through the Page or on the Page.

  2. Of the realization of any type of illegal or harmful or action.

  3. Of the provision of not true or incorrect data.

  4. The custody of your username and password, and should not be communicated to third parties in order to avoid identity theft or provision of data that is not true or incorrect.


This Legal Notice is written in Spanish and subject to current Spanish legislation. For any type of controversy arising from the use of the services offered or the contents of the Page, the parties, with the acceptance of the clause established in this Legal Notice will be submitted to the competent Courts Madrid.